Engage all your trainees with smart remote practice.

Whether you need to involve individuals or keep large and remote groups of trainees fit at the same pace, SkillGym lets you set up dedicated Bootcamps in few clicks.

Adapt the program, automate the onboarding.

Let SkillGym define the right pace of training for each of your trainees, according to their needs, habits, availability, strengths and weaknesses.

SkillGym handles all of the activities related to scheduling and confirming remote virtual role play sessions for you.

Increase participation with life-like scheduling.

We all know that one of the main issues with e-learning is ensuring consistent participation by busy users.

SkillGym lets trainees schedule their conversations using business-like doodle system that fits their busy agenda and prompts them to respect their meeting times, just like in real life.

Monitor the individual participation.

You get notified of all the activity played online by your trainees. You can log into SkillGym when needed and review relevant Role Plays.

This is also very useful for tutors when preparing for their next coaching session.

Support with remote discussion.

SkillGym provides a contextual chat facility that provides you the opportunity to comment on any Role Play as well as provide support and recommendations to your trainees.

Smarter Leadership Development is a click away.

Discover how SkillGym is helping hundreds of L&D Professionals as well as Corporate and Executive Coaches deliver better and consistent leadership training.

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