Principles Behind SkillGym

Success doesn’t happen by chance. Four key principles drive the success of practicing on SkillGym.
Matteo Malatesta
Head of Business Design
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1. The Importance of Consistency.

Just like in sports, true confidence is the result of in-field experience gained through exercise.


One-shot learning does not deliver.

When you choose a typical how-to and one-shot training strategy (with limited follow-up and only when possible), the result looks like this graphic.



Practice changes habits.

A real change happens only when trainees are consistently engaged with practice-based training programs, where they turn learning into continuing and actionable experience.



Consistency pays off, all the times.

This is what you can achieve in introducing SkillGym into your next training strategy, with an average of 40 minutes of practice per week.*



* Data refers to a case study where two groups of leaders trained in leadership skills were compared to show the impact of practice over knowledge transfer. After the initial formal learning activities, both groups were assessed with a Digital Role Play. Group One (the “just learning” group) did not participate in any practice, whereas Group Two (the “experiencing” group) attended a SkillGymDigital Fitness program for around six months. At the six month mark both Groups took another assessment. Results may vary according to the users’ learning agility, leadership approach and consistency of training effort.


2. Smart Pace, Efficient Results.

Our individualized training schedule typically engages the trainee for 1.5 – 3 hours/month*, with one or two simulations every week or every other week (Empowerment Phase).

It’s where they reach an efficient threshold of practice, getting the greatest benefit in terms of performance and maximum sustainable impact in terms of participation.



On average, it takes five-six months of regular training during the Empowerment phase for 68% of our trainees* to gain an improvement of around 25% on their initial confidence level.

At the same time, we noticed that within nine months of regular Empowerment training,* 92% of trainees achieve the same result.

* Data has been statistically measured on 5,618 past trainees who sustained an average schedule of about 4 simulated conversations/month, equal to around 2.5 hours of active training. Results and time requirements may vary according to the users’ learning agility, leadership approach and consistency of training effort.


3. Engagement: the Recipe for Success.

A key challenge of digital learning is keeping the training pace. SkillGym features The Butler, an automatic engagement system that lets user schedule life-like appointments directly on their calendar.

Thanks to AI, The Butler learns the way trainees engage and improve with SkillGym and automatically adapts their schedule to make the best use of their time.* We call this approach Digital Fitness.


* Data has been statistically measured on 8,204 past trainees who were enrolled in a bootcamp of at least six months, with an average schedule of about four simulated conversations/month. Results may vary according to the users’ learning agility, leadership approach and consistency of training effort.


Engagement is addictive.

Of course, each trainee maintains the freedom to practice at any time between scheduled conversations. And evidence show that most trainees run the extra mile.


4. The Need for Maintenance.

Training is not just about reaching a new height, but also about maintaining the same standard of performance over time.

For this reason, once the trainees have reached their efficient level of performance on a SkillGym Program, the Digital Fitness is automatically switched from Empowerment to Maintenance Mode*: half the pace, half the required involvement and double the persistence of the newly achieved behaviors.

Evidence** shows that trainees undergoing the Maintenance Phase of our program score a much more consistent level of confidence on the relevant communication behaviors we train, as measured six months after the training, compared to trainees who simply stopped practicing at the end of the Empowerment Phase.


* Switch to Maintenance Mode is available only for Bootcamps lasting a minimum of five months
** Data has been statistically measured on 2.380 past trainees who sustained an average schedule of about two simulated conversations/month for a six month period of Maintenance. Results and time requirements may vary according to the users’ learning agility, leadership approach and consistency of training effort.


Empower your training strategy.

Flipping the Leadership Development Strategy with Actionable and Scalable Programs

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What’s next

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