About Us

Here at SkillGym, we are passionate about conversations that boost energy and generate results. Every day, we strive to make it easier to practice important conversations.

We believe in human beings and we trust in the power of communication as a means to overcome difficulties and to match people with people.

We work to facilitate Critical Conversations, designing Smart and Authentic Interactive Digital Role Plays. We love delivering the best tools on the market for turning knowledge into deep and actionable smart behaviors.


The origin of SkillGym dates back 20 years, when we started our early experiments on how to apply digital technology to our expertise in adult learning methodologies. We quickly realized that we could utilize multimedia to create new tools to improve behaviors that require practice to change. Our first Behavioral Simulation was born in 2004.

In 2007, seeing the amazing results that practice through simulation were bringing to our early clients in the field of communication skills, we decided to dismiss any other type of learning technology and to focus on the development of a digital gym for communication. The concept for SkillGym was born.

In 2011, SkillGym became a division of Swiss-based LIFELIKE with a lab to turn dreams into reality. In the interim, we have been recognized with several international awards and a growing number of scientific papers on our unique approach are being published in prestigious international journals.

We have kept the spirit of our origins. A small company of people treating each other like family, living the principle of work-life balance and motivated by a big dream and a compelling mission: helping people change the world, one conversation at a time.


When we decided to pursue our dream of creating SkillGym, we knew it would not be easy. Training people to become better leaders is a daunting mission. But with the exuberance of youth at the time, we decided to face this challenge. Even back then, we applied the one principle we have continually trusted the most: 80/20.

Our first choice was to focus on conversations. A leader has to master several skills, but one makes all the difference: the ability to share his ideas, choices and decisions with others. Sharing and transmitting energy in the process instead of absorbing or vanishing it, is what makes a leader a Great Leader.

The next step was to focus all our energy on enabling practical training opportunities. Back then and even more-so now, there was and still is no shortage of resources telling the how-tos. But very little was and continues to be available about quality resources to turn all of this knowledge into real actions, performance and results.

Practicing makes all the difference. Once again, we chose to put our energy into what we consider the most important piece of the recipe for mastery: consistent practice.

Of course, then we had to decide which types of conversations were the most worthwhile to practice on. A leader may face unlimited types of conversations, but, once again, a very small number of those makes all the difference. The point is to find out which ones. So, we dedicated a great deal of time and resources, including help from some of the best leadership experts around the world, to develop a meaningful curriculum, defining exactly which type of conversations, values and styles we would embrace for our journey.

The result today is an amazing mix that allows us to pursue an actionable dream of delivering something that can truly make a difference. Something where leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow can practically experience those situations that really matter ─ without wasting time and fully focusing on the 20% conversations that produce 80% of the results.

Ultimately, we had to make a decision on what really makes people change at the core. We decided to focus our energy on the cause-effect relationship. We started to study this methodology years ago and we are very proud to see that today, the most advanced neurological studies confirm the relationship between generating living images in the form of experiences and the modifications that occur to our brain at the deepest levels.

It’s a long, maybe never-ending journey that we started years ago. Today we are pleased to be delivering more than just a product. Our clients’, whom we call Partners, enthusiastic comments drive this home. Every day, we have the privilege of witnessing that they consider SkillGym a safe place to develop for their future. We can’t thank all of them quite enough for this. That’s why we strive to make it a little better each day. It has been and continues to be an enormous challenge ─ one we are thrilled to have undertaken and continue on with.


We currently employ less than 20 people and we handle the entire solution: methodology design, competency mapping, storytelling, video casting, shooting, algorithms and, of course, client support.

SkillGym is being used in over twenty countries on four continents and has helped over 300,000 people (leaders, sales, job seekers, healthcare professionals, etc.) from hundreds of organizations to measure, develop and maintain their conversational skills (what we call the “C-Factor”). Every day, over 10,000 people schedule a virtual conversation with one of our Authentic Characters.

We have been around for twenty years and we are here to stay. Every day, we pour our passion into our work to deliver an increasingly better SkillGym experience.


We deeply believe in some important things:

  • We believe in measuring the critical factors of performance and continually benchmarking to have a clear understanding of where to aim;
  • We believe in the power of Self-Awareness, the one single factor that makes all the difference with everything else;
  • We believe in stretching our comfort zone. As humans, we are inherently lazy, but when we work out, we can reach the highest achievements;
  • We believe in the power of conversation, of course;
  • We believe in the human instinct to discover what others think about us;
  • We believe in consistency, discipline, reliability and accountability;
  • We believe in the power of habits, especially good habits;
  • We believe that technology is nothing if it does not solve real problems;
  • We believe that no one tool is useful to everybody, so choose wisely;
  • We believe in trust, privacy, hard work, and real people;
  • We believe in the power of storytelling and the power of imagination;
  • We believe in practice over knowledge;
  • We believe that it is truly possible to change the world, step by step and by including others via empowering conversations.


Nowadays, we live in a crazy world with data breaches and fraud everywhere. It’s so easy to provide personal data and, apparently, also just as easy to misuse it.

We believe that TRUST is at the foundation of any relationship, and not only in business. This is why we treat our clients’ data with utmost care. We do not share our clients with anybody for any reason and we keep the amount of Personal Data that we ask and store to a minimum. To the extent possible, we use only first and last names along with emails to let our trainees access SkillGym. We are fully transparent about the usage of such data and each registered user can access, update or cancel their data from SkillGym.

We adhere in full to the GDPR specifications, which include the most stringent regulations in the world with regard to the handling of personal data.


If you have a general question about us and what we do, or if you think you can make a difference and you would like to submit your application, write us at info (at) lifelike.ch. We would love to hear from you and start a conversation.

If you are a client and want to report an issue or provide a suggestion, please contact us via our fast-lane support system here.

If you are a training professional and would like to explore ways to use SkillGym in your business, please let us know. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the options for local partners with you.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. Don’t miss our blog, where we publish our ideas of how training should help humans to become their best version.