Why SkillGym?

Have you already invested time and resources in soft skills training only to discover that once the enthusiasm for the event died down there was no measurable increase in performance?


Why do people struggle to apply new behaviors?

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough experience in something new — even if just minutes before it had seemed so clear in your mind?

Do we really learn simply by adding new knowledge?

Don't you feel proud when you can say: "Don't worry, I've done this before"?

Why is it so hard to change your habits?

Have you noticed that improving performance usually requires unplugging old habits and replacing them with new ones?

How do you measure experience growth?

How does individual performance relate to self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control?

Why are people “too busy” to find a space to learn?

Are you struggling with creating a “space to learn” where trainees can consistently focus on improving their skills?

More reasons to love SkillGym


Comprehensive curriculum

Our exclusive training circuits dedicated to leaders, salespeople, and individual contributors, are designed to fit the need for growth of your talents.


Many use cases

SkillGym is so flexible that you can use it for self-paced learning, remote coaching, field training and more.


Science behind tech

We always start from how our brain works. That's how we design the way SkillGym improves behaviors.


Measurable results

Training is useless if behaviors don't change. That's the principle upon which we measure the metrics that matter.


Pure gaming

You have likely heard about “Gamification”. Take a look at how SkillGym takes it to the next level.


Innovative methodology

Success doesn’t happen by chance. Four key principles drive the success of practicing on SkillGym.

Get in touch now with your dedicated SkillGym training specialist and discover how we can help you grow your talents' performance.