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From enrollment to reporting, SkillGym is the complete platform to ensure consistent practice-based training of conversational skills.

  A Growing Library of Scenarios

  A.I. Driven Feedback

  Actionable Metrics

  Practice-based Bootcamps

  Real-Time Interaction

  Adaptive Scheduling

Developing tangible and valuable experience in the soft skills domain is not just about adding a few role plays as a follow-up exercise to a classic course. You need to ensure engagement, consistency, curriculum-based scenarios, effective feedback and crystal clear metrics to monitor the trainees’ improvements. 

SkillGym helps you to introduce practice-based training as a pillar of skill development, taking care of all the steps required to deliver great value. Each trainee is automatically engaged from enrollment with extensive tutorials, digital role-plays, individual scheduling, reminders, metrics and feedback.

Authentic, Immersive, Real Time Practice.
We turn Leadership Conversations into Stories in which each trainee’s goal is to discuss and solve business-related issues with members of their teams.

Breathtaking stories.

A perfect blend of training methodology and interactive technology brings true stories to life, ready for consistent practice-based training.

Digital, but still human.

Just interactive video. No puppets, no avatars. Human beings come alive in a seamless experience, where you are totally immersed in the situation.

AI-generated feelings.

Twelve algorithms influence the actors’ emotions, hesitations and whispers for an authentic and immersive Digital Role Play experience.

Real time interaction.

No pauses, no freezes, no branching. Everything happens in front of you and is entirely influenced by the way you play.

Behavior-driven dialogues.

Each available sentence is written by professional storytellers, showing one aspect of a typical behavior that you may want to apply at each point in the conversation.

SkillGym analyzes circumstances with AI.

AI ensures that the characters’ reactions reflect, in real time, the intensity of the dialogue. The result is an authentic conversation, where trainees meet all the shades of intentions, hesitations, fears and feelings that they would expect from a real person.

Detailed scenarios.

Each scenario is crafted with care to represent a real situation. The character is made up of a personality and social background, with visible and hidden needs to discover and address.

Trainees can prepare for the meeting by discovering the character’s profile, context of the conversations, objective and recommended leadership style they should apply.

This helps you develop the powerful habit of preparing for a meeting.

Learn how we design our characters.


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Discover how SkillGym is helping hundreds of Organizations as well as Corporate and Executive Coaches deliver better and consistent communication training.

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Emotional Feedback, Rational Metrics.
Each Conversation ends with powerful feedback and detailed insights on performance, providing valuable learning experiences.

Developing Confidence.

Each simulation closes with a Feedback session. Before providing metrics, it provides feelings. After returning to his desk, the character discusses the outcome of the conversation with his colleagues.

Challenging Self-Awareness.

At the end of each simulation, based on the trainee’s performance, SkillGym scans the entire conversation in search of critical points and asks made-to-measure questions to reflect upon before providing feedback and metrics. This is a great way to assess self-awareness in blind spot areas that require an eye-opening approach.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.”

Peter F. Drucker

Turning dialogues into sound metrics.

SkillGym turns the conversation into sharp metrics to quantify the results of performance. Confidence, Self-Awareness, 50+ communication-related Skills and effort-based indicators are tracked, monitored and benchmarked, which makes evidence do the talking.

Learn more about the eight key SkillGym metrics that we recommend monitoring in any efficient training program.


Smarter People Development is a click away.

Discover how SkillGym is helping hundreds of Organizations as well as Corporate and Executive Coaches deliver better and consistent communication training.

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Replay, Analyze, Learn.
Use th power of Augmented Reality to review each conversation and learn from each behavior applied during dialogue.

Review any conversation.

Augmented Replay lets you select any conversation played in the past and review it, watching the entire scene from a third party point of view. You can pause, skip, move forward and backward. The overlaid Performance Wave gives you one “at a glance” overview of the conversation’s flow quality. Call-outs let you analyze the details and impact of each behavior, including the counterpart’s relevant reactions.

Evaluate your approach.

Each sentence chosen during the conversation is presented showing the predominant underlying behavior and the level of quality applied. Self-awareness is amplified with this amazing time machine that brings you back to where the action took place.

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be”

Jeremy Binns

Reveal body language.

Augmented Replay shows and explains the character’s true body language at each step of the conversation, connecting facial and body expressions to the circumstances and understanding the relationship between what happened and the other party’s gut reaction.

Analyze the conversation dynamics.

Trainees can follow the entire conversation, comparing their approach to the character’s reaction for each step of the conversation. This is fantastic information to generate self-awareness and boost confidence, since it clearly shows how the echo of one’s approach continues resonating well after a sentence is spoken.

Learn how the Augmented Replay enhances the user experience.


Smarter People Development is a click away.

Discover how SkillGym is helping hundreds of Organizations as well as Corporate and Executive Coaches deliver better and consistent communication training.

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Set-up the perfect Bootcamp
Trainees can be engaged for the time you need and you can monitor all their activity remotely.

Enroll by groups.

Bootcamps are your work area. Here is where you create new practice activities, enroll users, and activate automated services such as Onboarding and Butler. Whether it is for a single user or a larger group, you can decide exactly how your trainees should develop their skills.

Monitor remotely.

SkillGym’s extensive dashboard lets you monitor from remote enrollment, engagement, current effort and, of course, improvements. Let the bootcamp do its job of upskilling your trainees and check the situation from time to time.

Connect your LMS.

SkillGym offers all the flexibility of interconnecting with your existing LMS through single-sign-on (optional service) to share your existing user list and send back any type of traceable data you may need.


Smarter People Development is a click away.

Discover how SkillGym is helping hundreds of Organizations as well as Corporate and Executive Coaches deliver better and consistent communication training.

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Engage Trainees at Their Own Pace.
AI supports SkillGym to keep trainees engaged throughout the entire training program and automatically adapts the schedule to their real training needs.

Leverage habits, to change habits.

You know that one of the biggest challenges in digital learning ensuring users consistently accessing the contents and keep pace. SkillGym features The Butler, an automatic engagement system that enables user to schedule life-like appointments directly on their calendar.

Learn how we take care of trainees’ engagement.


Digital Fitness, train your own way.

The more a program is designed according to the actual needs of the trainees, the higher the level of ongoing engagement. Digital Fitness is based on AI and learns the way trainees engage and improve with SkillGym. It also adjusts the training schedule accordingly to make the best use trainees’ time.

Track, Measure, Assess, Develop.
Turn intangible soft skills into powerful information, available from a single dashboard, and think strategically about development.

Think of the importance of measuring skill level and skill development over time to ensure the best conditions to learning improvement. SkillGym goes beyond simple measurement, offering benchmarking and distribution mapping capability for each of the many metrics we track.

Monitor the improvements of all your trainees, identify talents, and spot gaps. Make training efficient with the analysis of individual Learning Agility. Make sure everyone is engaged in the Program. Discover the competencies of your organization.

The following table resumes all the metrics we track in SkillGym, how we represent them in our dashboard and how you can use them to increase your knowledge of your most important intangible asset: your People.

Turn your Competency Model into daily habits.
Map all the Skills available in SkillGym on your proprietary Competency Model¹ and help your trainees understand how they can practically turn those competencies into daily actionable behaviors.

The Competency Watcher ™, a brand-new optional component that can be added to Augmented Replay 2.0, displays the existing connection between the dialogue and competencies belonging to your corporate leadership model.

It is like saying to the trainee: “look, this statement of yours is the result of this behavior, which was not very effective by the way… and this affects your business performance since it is linked to this competency of our model. Next time you know what you should avoid saying in this circumstance.”

It does this for every single sentence of the conversation!

(1) Optional service, not included in the annual subscription.
Automate Support and Reporting.
Comprehensive video tutorials, help center and reporting features to scale-up productivity.

Onboarding videos.

Whether you need to onboard trainees, other trainers or external supervisors, SkillGym features the right video tutorial series. From step by step guidance to conceptual explanations of how our brain works and what practicing is about.


Comprehensive Help Center.

Frequently asked questions, dedicated articles to delve deep into our methodology, answers from the experts and a Fastlane to our dedicated ticket-based online support. This is SkillGym Help Center.


All the reports you need.

SkillGym delivers weekly, monthly and final reports directly to your email. And you can still workout your personalized figures starting from the exportable data in excel format.

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We are here to help you.

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