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What is Conversational Leadership and How Can it Improve Team Performance

Leadership couldn’t exist without conversations: being able to communicate with other people is the only way to drive them towards a common goal. A true leader leverages the power of conversation in order to inspire, support, discover and lead his followers. Through empowering conversations, every leader can create a new common abundance-based mindset enabling creative thinking, innovation and continuous self-improvement.

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Practicing Conversational Leadership: Six Factors to Consider in Designing a Well-Balanced Training Program

We all know that to develop conversational leadership skills we need to invest time and focus on practicing along the way, rather than just sitting in a traditional leadership class. Still, it is not always so clear what should be the right way to define the proper schedule of training. Let’s find out.

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The Neurosciences Underlying the Models of Digital Role Play

Recent studies have widely demonstrated how emotional learning based on the repetition of experiential paths affects the parts of our brain that stimulate instinctive and automatic reactions, making us act through impulse of the amygdala. The reactions generated while using the amygdala (also called “prehistoric brain”) are faster compared to the ones generated when we use the parts of the brain that act rationally. Moreover, the use of emotions in training is proven to improve retention and recall of what has been learned. In this article we will explore the state of the art of neuroscience that deals with the relationship between neurobiology, training and behavior.

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Digital Role Plays, the Best Way to Develop Conversational Leadership

Digital Role Plays are a relatively new area of development of digital learning, aiming to provide a solution to HR and L&D professionals to help employees practice critical conversations in a more efficient way than with traditional face-to-face live role plays.