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Effectiveness in sales and leadership is gained through consistent practice.
Andrea Laus
SkillGym CEO
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Amazing results demand for truly effective training.

Sales teams, leaders and the rest of your employees need high confidence and self-awareness to overcome their daily challenges.


Unfortunately, most of the business situation are dealt with low performing, automatic behaviors.

What do you do today to improve those behaviors?




Know-how’ is NOT the right answer.

Most learning solutions available on the market today simply don’t deliver in the long run.

You probably already tried them all.

You relied on increasing people’s knowledge.

Results, in the long run, did not come.



Knowledge is important, of course. But it doesn’t significantly improve performance. Especially on soft skills.


Too often when developing soft skills we observe a misalignment between what L&D can offer and the real need of trainees.



Experience matters.

However, real-life experience is expensive and takes time, a lot of time and a lot of money.

How can you improve your salespeople and leaders experience on those situations that require their greatest skills, without waiting years for them to achieve them?





Role Play? Yes, but…

‘Good old’ role plays are ok, but real experience is built with consistent repetition.


Role Play is a one-shot exercise. You don’t build real experience playing ‘just a few times’.

Instead you need to practice consistently, feel safe and measure effort and progress.





Digital Role Playing: your most powerful alternative.

Look at this comparison table to understand how A.I. driven Digital Role Play changes how you deliver practice-based training.



Now imagine one platform delivering all the business situations your sales teams and leaders should practice on.

Well, that’s SkillGym.


Discover the five most important reasons to choose SkillGym as your next digital role play platform.


  1. Consistency and Scalability of Practical Training
    Behavioral changes require consistent practice.
    SkillGym is the perfect way to scale-up experience-based training, thanks to our adaptive schedule features. Trainees are engaged from the beginning to the end of their training program, and they stay fit long after the learning experience is over.
  2. Authentic Characters
    For a full immersion in the story, you need authentic characters. Our scenario are crafted by our professional storytellers, psychologists and people development specialists and are played by professional actors. The result is interactive video delivered through our unique AI algorithms, with all the human emotion you would expect from real people.
  3. Metric-driven Development
    SkillGym provides a set of homogenous and unbiased behavioral metrics dedicated to tracking performance development by experience-based learning. It allows L&D departments to obtain a complete picture of their trainees in order to set objectives, design specific actions where required and easily manage the learning activity along the way.
  4. Conversation Review and Competency Mapping
    Self-reflection is a key element in personal development. SkillGym allows the learner to re-watch the session, providing additional hints and recommendations that boost the pedagogical feedback, accelerate improvements and reconnect Competency Models to daily actionable behaviors.
  5. Feeling of “Safety”
    SkillGym makes trainees feel “safer” than when they partake in a traditional role play. The feeling of “being judged during confrontation” – which can embarrass people – is removed in favor of a more natural form of expression in the Role Play session.


SkillGym increases the ‘C-Factor’.

Watch this masterclass and learn why your learning strategy will improve with SkillGym.



SkillGym is your fastlane to experiential improvement.

After practicing with SkillGym, 84% of trainees claim they perceive a better quality in the conversations they engage in.



Practicing a few hours per month can supercharge self-confidence and self-awareness in the skills that matter:

Thanks to the improvements achieved in leadership skills, our customers quickly see significant results that profoundly affect the quality of their work environment, the motivation of people and, therefore, their business results. In a sense, they are ‘compounded effects’: what happens downstream of the introduction of a consistent program for the upskilling of soft skills in leaders.


Articles and Case Studies.

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What’s next

If you are searching for the Digital Role Play solution that suits your needs, take a look at our website, which has pre-recorded webinars and articles among other inspiring content for your review.

You are also invited to book a 1-hour discovery call with us if you would like to continue this conversation.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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