Practicing Leadership Conversations.

SkillGym is the Digital Role Play system you need to develop leadership across your organization.

Leadership Conversations are the moment when potential turns into collective energy. It’s the 20% factor of a leader making the 80% of the difference in team results.

Unless the people inside your organization live in a vacuum, they need to communicate. And communication goes through Conversations. How do you take care of practice?

SkillGym: Authentic, Immersive and AI-Based scenarios to train and maintain Leaders’ Confidence and Self-Awareness in Critical Conversations that matter.

Build Leaders’ Confidence with Authentic Digital Role Play.

SkillGym is a Digital Role Play system to practice Critical Conversations in which the Leader’s goal is to discuss and solve business related issues with members of their teams.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Video
  • Emotional Feedback
  • Self-paced practice scheduling

Develop Self-Awareness
with Augmented Replay.

SkillGym leverages augmented reality as an Eyeopener, to review one’s own simulated critical conversations and discover Blindspots. SkillGym’s Augmented Replay comes with Augmented Reality and Body Language Analyzer to understand, learn and progress.

  • Review each conversation
  • Analyze body language
  • Assess objectives
  • Discuss behaviors

Practice using a growing library of Leadership Conversations.

SkillGym comes with a regularly updated catalog of original scenarios covering the most challenging critical conversations that leaders face every day.

  • Comprehensive plots
  • Mapped based on leadership competences
  • Completely localized
  • Quarterly updates

The first AI-based Digital Role Play system.

Interactive Movies meet Artificial Intelligence and a whole new life-like world turns into reality.

SkillGym features 12 proprietary algorithms, delivering an authentic and immersive Digital Role Play experience.

•  Dynamic flow of emotions
•  Evolutive interaction
•  Adaptive scheduling


Artificial Intelligence

Optimize Engagement through Adaptive Bootcamps.

Extend the learning experience by scheduling dedicated and personalized on-line training activities. Let your trainees schedule the Digital Role Play when it fits their schedules. Make training truly dynamic and adaptive.

  • Adaptive scheduling
  • Automatic Doodle-based booking
  • Digital coach debriefing
  • Individual and group training programs

Plan goals and present factual improvement results.

Monitor the effort and the performance of your leaders in Critical Conversations from a single Dashboard. Make better data-driven decisions. Plan their goals and track their improvements with the support of Big Data Benchmarking.

  • Goal setting
  • Effort monitoring and performance tracking
  • Big data benchmarking
  • Automated reporting

Extend your assessments to conversational leadership.

SkillGym lets you valuate the potential of your talents, measure the skills that matter and integrate your annual performance evaluation strategy with crystal clear metrics about conversational skills and social attitude.

  • Over 50 behavioral KPI
  • Exportable metrics
  • Immersive measurement
  • Great for recruiting and employer branding

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