Boosting Leadership Coaching with Digital Role Play

Discover how several early adopting executive coaches around the world are delivering better Leadership Coaching through the use of Digital Role Play.

As a Leadership Coach, you know that very often you rely on biased story told by the leader you coach, sitting in front of you, maybe weeks after things happened.

And you know how important it is to help your coachee to have an unbiased and objective view of how their behaviors really impact the relationship with the people they lead.

How can Digital Role Play help you to reduce their bias and help you to deliver better sessions where you can actually discuss about what really happened?

How can insights on their critical conversation help you improve their Confidence and turn Confidence into Performance?

How can you leverage the power of Augmented Reality, Interactive Video and Artificial Intelligence to deliver smarter coaching sessions?

Join Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta, from Lifelike, for a discussion on how several early adopting professionals like you around the world are alreading delivering better Leadership Coaching through the use of Digital Role Play.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How a Digital Role Play can help you gain behavioral insights and enhance your coachees’ confidence in Critical Conversations
  • How the best Leadership Coaches have already improved their methodology embracing Digital Role Play
  • Why Leaders prefer to practice with online Digital Role Play



Aug 9th, 2018

Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta, SkillGym



Andrea Laus

CEO, SkillGym

Andrea has 20 years experience in the industry of digital learning. Since over 10 years now he designs and develop interactive simulations featuring video and AI to bring immersive and authentic digital experiences to leadership coaches worldwide.


Matteo Malatesta

Head of Business Design, SkillGym

Matteo is head of business design at SkillGym. He supports the product design teams, bringing the voice of stakeholders to the discussion thanks to his international experience in the learning and development industry and his human-centered approach.