Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Reassuring and Guiding through Conversations

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A webinar to explore how leaders can face this tough moment, leveraging soft skills to drive their people as we are seeing now in the field in Europe.

In this moment of profound uncertainty, people need, more than ever, prepared leaders to guide and reassure them.

Empathic and communicative Leadership, capable to drive organizations along a path of transformation in uncertainty can make the difference, in this though moment when all our belief, hopes and projects for the future seem to be “on hold”.

During this webinar we will share our experience on the theme of Leadership in times of uncertainty and change. We will bring examples of what’s going on in Europe at the time of Coronavirus reporting the dynamics we are observing here during this complex, and unprecedented situation and their impacts on organizations. We will discuss together what leaders can do by leveraging skills such as active listening, empathy and effective communication to drive their people through this situation.

We will look at how leveraging direct, personal and empathic communication, leaders can spread a sense of shared purpose in which all the people who are part of the organization can be recognized.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

• How employees are reacting in this situation of uncertainty and what challenges await leaders, as seen in the field in Europe;
• Why great empathic conversations are the secret weapon of leaders to guide their organization in a period of complexity and uncertainty;
• What are the “missteps” to avoid during conversations;
• What are the key actions to put into practice to make the conversations that matter really effective.


Reassuring and guiding through Conversations

Andrea Laus, SkillGym
Matteo Malatesta, SkillGym

With real-life example of challenges for leaders as seen in the field in this time of strong uncertainty.



Matteo Malatesta

Head of Business Design, SkillGym

Matteo is head of business design at SkillGym. He supports the product design teams, bringing the voice of stakeholders to the discussion thanks to his international experience in the learning and development industry and his human-centric approach.


Andrea Laus

CEO, SkillGym

Andrea has 20 years experience in the industry of digital learning. Since over 10 years now he designs and develop interactive simulations featuring video and AI to bring immersive and authentic digital experiences to leadership coaches worldwide.