Managers Can’t be Coaches Without Practicing Conversations

By adopting a coaching mentality and approach, managers can help members of their team realize their potential. To get there, Trainers need to implement new strategies to support this journey. AI-based solutions for practicing coaching conversations can help bridge the gap between just learning and gaining true and actionable experience.

Why should managers devote time and effort to coaching their team? Research shows that coaching leads to better engagement, higher productivity and enhanced customer service. It also helps an employee improve performance, overcome challenges, reach goals and build self-confidence.
Shifting towards a coaching approach clearly requires the development of strong conversational skills, which can’t be simply learned in class:

  • Collaborating instead of controlling
  • Delegating more responsibility
  • Talking less, listening more
  • Giving fewer orders, asking more questions
  • Giving specific feedback instead of making judgments

Join Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta from SkillGym for a discussion on how empowerment on conversational leadership through actionable and practicable training can become your best strategy for supporting managers in acquiring real coaching skills through powerful conversation mastery.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why it is so important to work on practicing leadership conversations instead of just learning
  • What we have learned about their conversational skills from interviewing over a thousand managers
  • What types of conversations really make the difference when it comes to coaching employees
  • How you can integrate efficient practice-based training into your next leadership program

In this webcast, we will discuss how digital learning-by-doing powered by AI can support leadership training programs with actionable conversational upskilling.



Oct 23rd, 2019

Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta, SkillGym



Andrea Laus

CEO, SkillGym

Andrea has 20 years experience in the industry of digital learning. Since over 10 years now he designs and develop interactive simulations featuring video and AI to bring immersive and authentic digital experiences to leadership coaches worldwide.


Matteo Malatesta

Head of Business Design, SkillGym

Matteo is head of business design at Lifelike. He supports the product design teams, bringing the voice of stakeholders to the discussion thanks to his international experience in the learning and development industry and his human-centered approach.