Practicing on Conversational Leadership

Discover how Digital learning technologies based on AI – Artificial Intelligence and practical immersion can help in assessing, developing and maintaining over time the most important skill of all: Critical Conversation Mastery.

Leadership is not a badge that we can just pin on our own jacket. Instead, it’s something that we get recognized for by other people, typically members of our community or, if we are well known enough, even by people we don’t know directly.

Others start recognizing your leadership footprint through several types of signals. Among them, is a prominent role in the way you manage communication, and empowering conversations specifically. People need leaders, people search for leaders, and they love to recognize leadership through the way you treat them.

A true leader is capable of igniting the light of greatness in other people. This can happen in many ways of course, but certainly, conversations are one of the “highways” for this type of ignition.

Is there any specific talent that high-performing Leaders show when involved with Critical Conversations by turning these conversations into genuine empowering moments?

How do they do it? Is there a secret to be unveiled? Is there a way to scale up their level, their attitude, and their skills so that everyone in the organization can contribute to generating energy through empowering conversations?

We believe that in the end, it’s mostly about practice. The more you practice, the more you gain confidence and raise your self-awareness. Your comfort zone starts to expand as soon as you move the first step toward trying and trying again.

Join Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta, from SkillGym, for a discussion on these questions and on many more intriguing aspects of how it can be possible to grow conversational leadership skills through consistent practice on critical conversations.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How conversational leadership can become a great way to convey energy throughout the team and the company
  • Why so many leaders feel uncomfortable with the confrontation hidden in one-2-one conversations
  • Which strategies can help you design your next training program focusing on actionable conversational leadership training



Aug 9th, 2018

Andrea Laus and Matteo Malatesta, SkillGym



Andrea Laus

CEO, SkillGym

Andrea has 20 years experience in the industry of digital learning. Since over 10 years now he designs and develop interactive simulations featuring video and AI to bring immersive and authentic digital experiences to leadership coaches worldwide.


Matteo Malatesta

Head of Business Design, SkillGym

Matteo is head of business design at Lifelike. He supports the product design teams, bringing the voice of stakeholders to the discussion thanks to his international experience in the learning and development industry and his human-centered approach.